Writing Mentorship

Whether you are a fledgling scribe or a published professional, Dr. Knafo can help your article, book, dissertation, or writing project say more, say it better, and say it so others will want to read it.

Do you have a paper or book inside bursting to get out?
Would you like to overcome writer’s block?
Do you need dissertation help?
Would you like to write a professional journal article?
Would you like help developing a literary voice?
Do you want to write a story, play, memoir, or other creative work?
Do you need help in character development?

Dr. Knafo can help you reach your personal and professional writing and publishing goals.

A member of the Author’s Guild, Dr. Knafo has published nine books and dozens of articles and essays, book-doctored fiction and non-fiction, and mentored numerous authors. As someone who has written about the creative process for over twenty years, she is well acquainted with the kinds of obstacles that get in the way of writing, as well as techniques to overcome them.


I’ve worked with Dr. Danielle Knafo on many writing and publishing ventures¬¬—academic, non-fiction, fiction––and have consistently found that she has an impeccable and unerring sense of what a piece of writing needs to maximize its potential to communicate, excite and inspire. She knows how to imbue writing with creative power, tightly linked and powerful arguments or story lines, and well-organized content. She has an eagle’s eye for what’s too much or not enough, and could give the best of editors a run for their money. Whether you’re writing a doctoral thesis, an academic paper of the highest scholarly magnitude, a novel, or a magazine piece, Dr. Knafo will help you make it as good as it possibly can be. She’s the gift the writer dreams about.
–Rocco Lo Bosco, author of Buddha Wept and Nintey-Nine

I have been in two writing groups led by Dr. Danielle Knafo and, with her help, have just finished my first book. Dr. Knafo’s guidance has been instrumental in developing my skill and confidence as a writer, whether I am discussing psychoanalytic principles or telling psychotherapy stories.  She has helped me to write in a more alive and captivating way, avoiding cliches and unnecessary drama, while still cultivating my own style.  Dr. Knafo is clear and direct with her feedback, but is also unfailingly warm and supportive.

–Beth Feldman, Ph.D.

I first worked with Dr. Danielle Knafo as a writing mentor while developing my dissertation throughout my psychology doctoral training. Since the time I began working with her, she challenged me to push the limits of my own expectations for my writing. Dr. Knafo taught me how to make my writing flow. She showed me how to weave together a story, how to organize my ideas, integrate theories, and find my own voice as a writer. Her knowledge of theories, literature and the contemporary transformations in the field of psychology helped me to broaden the scope of my thinking and writing. Throughout the collaborative process of working together, her dedication was reflected in her thoughtful and honest critical feedback. Nearly a decade since my graduation, she has been instrumental in my continued writing process and motivation to publish my work. She encouraged me to join a writing group to receive feedback and support from fellow writers and peers and worked with me as a coauthor to publish my dissertation as a book. Currently we are working together on a second book and she continues to inspire me to push the limits of my creativity, discover opportunities for growth in my role as an author, and remain open to further developing my skills as a writer. I have nothing but gratitude for her mentorship.

–Dustin Kahoud, Psy.D.

Danielle Knafo has been supportive to my nascent writing efforts beyond what I expected in a writing coach. She was able to immerse herself in my writing ideas without imposing her own agenda. She quickly grasped what I wanted to convey and generated a prolific amount of ideas for how to approach and think about my projects. With great flexibility she is able to advise me in my effort to write an academic paper for journal publication as well as a broader endeavor written for a different venue. She also strikes a needed balance between giving practical advice on how to structure and go about writing a particular piece and thinking about the creative content. Finally, and of great importance, Danielle coaches with a generous spirit in which one has the impression that while she is working with you, she gives you and the work her all.
–Therese Rosenblatt, Ph.D.

Dr. Knafo has the rare ability to support and critique in a kind and productive way. She was my writing coach for a paper on psychoanalysis and architecture. We had fun conversations talking about my ideas and how they fit within the literature. Dr. Knafo suggested additional reading and made sure I didn’t miss an important reference. She helped emphasize the paper’s main suggestion and eliminate what was tangential. Our time spent together was both pleasurable, stimulating and very productive, and I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Dr. Knafo.
–Esther Sperber, Studio ST Architects, NYC

Dr. Danielle Knafo has been my advisor for the past five years. A significant part of our work together focused on writing projects. Dr. Knafo was my consultant on various writing endeavors, from personal essays, a book chapter and my academic dissertation. Dr. Knafo is a wise, methodical, and creative writing consultant, approaching writing as a joyful art. Her insightful comments and astute logic elevated my writing to its full potential. Dr. Knafo helped me organize, adhere to the professional requirements of APA, and at the same time, made sure my authentic voice and style were maintained. The evident pleasure she took in writing and editing made working with her an exciting and rewarding process. Aside from being an intelligent professional, Dr. Knafo is also a kind, warm, and caring person. She has a wonderful sense of humor and abundance of patience. She not only worked on my writing projects, but also rooted for me and supported me until the completion of each project. Dr. Knafo is a true mentor and any student or writer would benefit from her services.
–Adi Avivi, Psy.D.